Internship Program Details

After initial application, potential intern candidates will be called in to the studio for interviews. Interviews will take place the week following application deadline closing. If a candidate is unable to attend their scheduled interview, they will be disqualified from consideration for the application period.
Stage 1: Minimum 80 Hours
This is the very beginning stage, designed to get interns acclimated to the studio and build trust with the KDS Recording Studios staff. Stage 1 interns will be expected to clean the studio, common areas, and outside areas. Stage 1 interns will also be asked to make coffee and run various errands. Reliable transportation is a must for any potential intern.
Stage 2: Minimum 80 Hours
Stage 2 interns will be expected to learn the details of studio layouts, session strikes, and continue with Stage 1 responsibilities. By the end of Stage 2, interns should be completely familiar with studio inventory and where things belong.

Stage 3: Minimum 80 Hours
In Stage 3, interns may be invited for the first time into certain recording sessions. In this stage interns begin their formal studio training with staff engineers. Interns are still expected to fulfill Stage 1 and Stage 2 responsibilities.

Stage 4: Minimum 120 Hours
Stage 4 interns receive scheduled recording sessions that they are expected to attend. Stage 4 interns also take on the added responsibility of training Stage 1 interns, and learning how to use the booking systems and phones. Interns are still expected to fulfill Stage 2 and Stage 3 responsibilities.
Stage 5: Minimum 120 Hours
Stage 5 interns are given an open invite to attend any sessions they choose, including mixing and mastering sessions. In Stage 5, interns also continue the training of Stage 2 interns. Interns are still expected to fulfill Stage 3 responsibilities. By the end of Stage 5, interns should have mastered the execution of session work and studio etiquette.
Stage 6: Minimum 120 Hours
Stage 6 interns will be given the opportunity to take the lead on sessions while being shadowed by a staff engineer. Stage 6 interns may also receive payment for certain work at the studio. These sessions are the final test for the intern, so that our staff can be confident in the intern's ability. Stage 6 interns are expected to provide a significant amount of training to Stage 3 interns.

Completion:  Upon completion of Stage 6, interns will receive a Letter Of Recommendation from the Studio Manager.  This recommendation will assist the intern if they choose to pursue their career elsewhere.  If a staff position is available at KDS Recording Studios, then successful interns will be offered that position.  All hiring for studio staff is done through the internship program at KDS Recording Studios.