Internship Program

KDS Recording Studios only accepts internship applications submitted within the following time periods:

January 1st - January 14th

April 1st - April 14th

July 1st - July 14th

October 1st - October 14th

Any applicant who submits an application outside of the prescribed time periods will NOT be considered for an internship.

Internships at KDS Recording Studios are an opportunity given only to a select few.  Of the many who apply, only 2 or 3 are chosen to join our team as interns.  Our overarching mission is to maintain the integrity and respect that our studio has earned in the industry. As such, any person selected for our internship program must be of impeccable moral character.  Remember, KDS Recording Studios is an elite studio with an elite crew, so only the most dedicated and professional applicants will be considered. A candidate for internship should posses the following qualities:

  1. He/She is punctual at all times
  2. He/She maintains a positive attitude at all times
  3. He/She is willing and able to do physically demanding tasks
  4. He/She has a good understanding of signal flow and major DAW operation
  5. He/She is eager to learn all aspects of studio operation
  6. He/She has great people skills and works well in a team
  7. He/She is financially able to make the commitment to their internship (all internships are un-paid)
  8. He/She is committed to finishing the internship (many internships take over 6 months)

KDS Recording Studio's internship program is based on 6 Stages.  An intern is expected to not only fully complete his/her current stage, but also be prepared for his/her next stage before being promoted to the subsequent stage of their internship.  Promotions are only granted by a unanimous decision of the KDS staff at a monthly meeting.  This means that an internship can not be completed in under 6 months, and many internships take longer.