Multi Platinum Mixing

So you've finished all your Tracking, What's Next? It's time to mix all those individual parts of the song. Here at KDS, we expertly fuse the Artist/Producer's creative Vision with our industry  Proven Talent  and years of expertise to produce a finished product that is Radio Ready.

Our Mix Engineers are well versed in all genres of music and you'll be paired with One That Suites you and your creative vision perfectly. We do not offer "Rough Mixes" to our clients, As this Goes against our product standards and breaches the trust Our Clients Have In Our Product.

Mixing begins after a client meeting, where Your engineer develops an understanding of the artistic vision for the song(s). After the initial meeting, Your engineer will begin the mix process. Clients generally do not attend the mix sessions, as a single song may be spread out over several days to allow the engineer's ears time to rest.

Once we believe we have a great product, the client is scheduled to come to the studio and listen. This is the time to make notes and request any volume based changes. After client approval, we print the song(s) to CD for the client or forward the un-compressed file(s) to the mastering suite.